TabLines TSG

  • Mounting

    Right on the wall
    On any VESA compatible holder

  • Variants

    Steel case with theft protection

    Oak without theft protection

TabLines TSG Tablet secure enclosure

Elegant design. The TabLines TSG tablet protective case presents the tablet in a very elegant way. Clear lines, a subtle but present look and a high-quality powder coating, real wood oak or stainless steel make the tablet case a win for any place where content is to be presented.

Optimized for public use. The TSG is theft-proof and made of robust steel (except oak). The TabLines TSG protective housing impresses with its minimalistic design and is a high-tech statement in the room. A visually convincing and durable product. The tablet case can be mounted directly on the wall or combined with a VESA-compatible bracket.

Can be used in all areas. The theft-proof tablet holder has proven itself in public areas, e.g. in universities or colleges as a digital notice, in museums, galleries and at trade fairs as a multilingual exhibition option or in shops as a relief for employees to be able to call up inventory, prices, etc. promptly. With its innovative design, the TabLines TSG protects the tablet protective housing against unauthorized access.


  • Large selection of colors: stainless steel, white, black, silver, oak, others on request
  • Strong but flat secure enclosure
  • Can be used for all WLAN-based applications
  • Radio-controlled applications in the field of home and media technology
  • Can be used as a universal touchscreen screen
  • Unlimited functionality
  • Direct mounting of the protective housing on the wall as a wall bracket
  • VESA standard 100x100mm for attaching the TSG to all VESA brackets
  • Special security screw protects the secure case against theft
  • Montage in portrait and landscape format
  • Opening for cable feed on the back of the TabLines housing



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Compatibility of the TabLines TSG to the following tablets:

The TabLines tablet protective housing can be implemented for any tablet available on the market, such as Microsoft Surface, Lenovo (…)!

The following variants are available and can be called up at any time:

TSG for Apple iPad

Tablet model Model no. black finish
Model no. silver finish Model no. white finish Model no. S/S material
Model no. oak material
Apple iPad 10.9 (10th gen.) TSG091B TSG091S TSG091W TSG091E
Apple iPad 10.2 (7th/8th/9th gen.) (*)  TSG069B TSG069S TSG069W TSG069E TSG069O
Apple iPad 10.2 (7th/8th/9th gen.) TSG068B TSG068S TSG068W TSG068E TSG068O
Apple iPad 9.7 (6th gen.) (*)  TSG054B TSG054S TSG054W TSG054E TSG054O
Apple iPad 9.7 (6th gen.) TSG055B TSG055S TSG055W TSG055E TSG055O
Apple iPad 9.7 (5th gen.) (*)  TSG041B TSG041S TSG041W TSG041E TSG041O
Apple iPad 9.7 (5th gen.) TSG042B TSG042S TSG042W TSG042E TSG042O
Apple iPad 9.7 (2nd/3rd/4th gen.) (*)  TSG039B TSG039S TSG039W TSG039E TSG039O
Apple iPad 9.7 (2nd/3rd/4th gen.) TSG002B TSG002S TSG002W TSG002E TSG002O
Apple iPad (1st gen.) TSG001B TSG001S TSG001W
Apple iPad Air (4th/5th gen.) TSG078B TSG078S TSG078W TSG078E
Apple iPad Air 10.5 (3rd gen.) (*)  TSG061B TSG061S TSG061W TSG061E TSG061O
Apple iPad Air 10.5 (3rd gen.) TSG062B TSG062S TSG062W TSG062E TSG062O
Apple iPad Air (2nd gen.) (*)  TSG016B TSG016S TSG016W TSG016E TSG016O
Apple iPad Air (2nd gen.) TSG037B TSG037S TSG037W TSG037E TSG037O
Apple iPad Air (1st gen.) (*) TSG008B TSG008S TSG008W TSG008E TSG008O
Apple iPad Air (1st gen.) TSG034B TSG034S TSG034W TSG034E TSG034O
Apple iPad Mini (6th gen.) TSG086B TSG086S TSG086W TSG086E
Apple iPad Mini (4th/5th gen.) (*)  TSG026B TSG026S TSG026W TSG026E
Apple iPad Mini (4th/5th gen.) TSG027B TSG027S TSG027W TSG027E
Apple iPad Mini (1st/2nd/3rd gen.) (*)  TSG009B TSG009S TSG009W TSG009E
Apple iPad Mini (1st/2nd/3rd gen.) TSG036B TSG036S TSG036W TSG036E TSG036O
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (5th/6th gen.) TSG082B TSG082E TSG082W TSG082E
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd/4th gen.) TSG059B TSG059S TSG059W TSG059E
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st/2nd gen.) (*)  TSG031B TSG031S TSG031W TSG031E
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st/2nd gen.) TSG030B TSG030S TSG030W TSG030E
Apple iPad Pro 11.0 TSG058B TSG058S TSG058W TSG058E TSG058O
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (*)  TSG045B TSG045S TSG045W TSG045E TSG045O
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 TSG046B TSG046S TSG046W TSG046E TSG046O
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 (*)  TSG048B TSG048S TSG048W TSG048E TSG048O
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 TSG035B TSG035S TSG035W TSG035E TSG035O

(*) = Tablet model with physical home button, HB not accessible in the housing

TSG for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tablet model Model no. black finish Model no. silver finish Model no. white finish Model no. S/S material
Model no. oak material
Samsung Tab S9 FE+ 12.4 TSG097B TSG097S TSG097W TSG097E
Samsung Tab S9 FE 10.9 TSG096B TSG096S TSG096W TSG096E
Samsung Tab S9 Ultra 14.6 TSG095B TSG095S TSG095W TSG095E
Samsung Tab S9+ 12.4 TSG094B TSG094S TSG094W TSG094E
Samsung Tab S9 11.0 TSG093B TSG093S TSG093W TSG093E
Samsung Tab S8+ 12.4 TSG090B TSG090S TSG090W TSG090E
Samsung Tab S8 Ultra 14.6 TSG087B TSG087S TSG087W TSG087E
Samsung Tab S8 11.0 TSG089B TSG089S TSG089W TSG089E
Samsung Tab S7+ 12.4 TSG076B TSG076S TSG076W TSG076E
Samsung Tab S7 FE 12.4 TSG049B TSG049S TSG049W TSG049E
Samsung Tab S7 11.0 TSG075B TSG075S TSG075W TSG075E
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 10.4 TSG088B TSG088S TSG088W TSG088E
Samsung Tab S6 10.5 TSG071B TSG071S TSG071W TSG071E
Samsung Tab S5e 10.5 TSG070B TSG070S TSG070W TSG070E
Samsung Tab S4 10.5 TSG056B TSG056S TSG056W TSG056E TSG056O
Samsung Tab S3 9.7 (*)  TSG043B TSG043S TSG043W TSG043E
Samsung Tab S3 9.7 TSG044B TSG044S TSG044W TSG044E
Samsung Tab S2 9.7 (*)  TSG024B TSG024S TSG024W TSG024E
Samsung Tab S2 9.7 TSG025B TSG025S TSG025W TSG025E
Samsung Tab S2 8.0 (*)  TSG022B TSG022S TSG022W TSG022E
Samsung Tab S2 8.0 TSG023B TSG023S TSG023W TSG023E
Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 (*)  TSG011B TSG011S TSG011W TSG011E
Samsung Tab E 9.6 (*)  TSG029B TSG029S TSG029W TSG029E TSG029O
Samsung Tab E 9.6 TSG028B TSG028S TSG028W TSG028E TSG028O
Samsung Tab A9+ 11.0 TSG100B TSG100S TSG100W TSG100E
Samsung Tab A9 8.7 TSG099B TSG099S TSG099W TSG099E
Samsung Tab A8 10.5 (2022) TSG085B TSG085E TSG085W TSG085E
Samsung Tab A7 10.4 TSG081B TSG081S TSG081W TSG081E
Samsung Tab A 10.5 TSG057B TSG057S TSG057W TSG057E
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019) TSG065B TSG065S TSG065W TSG065E TSG065O
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016) (*)  TSG050B TSG050S TSG050W TSG050E TSG050O
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016) TSG051B TSG051S TSG051W TSG051E TSG051O
Samsung Tab A 9.7 (*)  TSG020B TSG020S TSG020W TSG020E TSG029O
Samsung Tab A 9.7 TSG019B TSG019S TSG019W TSG019E TSG019O
Samsung Tab A 8.0 (2019) TSG072B TSG072S TSG072W TSG072E
Samsung Tab A 7.0 (*)  TSG052B TSG052S TSG052W TSG052E
Samsung Tab 4 7.0 (*)  TSG017B TSG017S TSG017W TSG017E
Samsung Tab 3 10.1 TSG014B TSG014S TSG014W TSG014E
Samsung Tab 3 8.0 (*)  TSG006B TSG006S TSG006W TSG006E
Samsung Tab 3 7.0 (*) TSG007B TSG007S TSG007W TSG007E
Samsung Note 10.1 / Tab 4 10.1 TSG015B TSG015S TSG015W TSG015E

(*) = Tablet model with physical home button, HB not accessible in the housing

TSG for Microsoft Surface

Tablet model Model no. black finish Model no. silver finish Model no. white finish Model no. S/S material Model no. oak material
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 TSG098B TSG098S TSG098W TSG098E
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 TSG083B TSG083E TSG083W TSG083E
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 / 7+ TSG073B TSG073S TSG073W TSG073E
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 TSG060B TSG060S TSG060W TSG060E
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (*) TSG033B TSG033S TSG033W TSG033E
Microsoft Surface Go 3 TSG084B TSG084E TSG084W TSG084E
Microsoft Surface Go 2 TSG080B TSG080S TSG080W TSG080E
Microsoft Surface Go TSG066S TSG066W

(*) = Tablet model with physical home button, HB not accessible in the housing

TSG for Google Pixel

Tablet model Model no. black finish Model no. silver finish Model no. white finish Model no. S/S material Model no. oak material
Google Pixel C (2017) TSG053B TSG053S TSG053W

Your individual TabLines TSG protective housing

We offer flexible / individual special productions in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your tablet protective housing according to your ideas (special materials, special colors) Call us or write an e-mail!

Variants of the TabLines TSG secure enclosure