Tablet holder / mounts & stands

TabLines specialises in tablet holders. The range includes iPad wall mounts, table mounts, stands, wall mounting solutions and protective cases. The tablet mounts are either model-specific or universally suitable for many tablet models. Even for the latest generations of Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab & Co, suitable solutions are designed and manufactured in a timely manner – always in tune with the times. The products are available in various colours as standard (e.g. white, silver, black); optionally, the products can be supplied in any RAL colour. TabLines products are suitable for home use, for example as a smart home control terminal (iPad holder), as a digital recipe holder in the kitchen or as a “book holder” in the bedroom by the bed. Tablets are also increasingly used in companies and public places. To ensure that the tablets are protected, the protective cases from TabLines offer protection against theft and vandalism.

Our range of tablet holders

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Individual tablet holder

TabLines can produce individual tablet holders thanks to its own design and production. Both complete customised holders and extensions of existing products can be realised. It is also possible to colour the tablet holders in a RAL colour. Stickers and magnetic foils, for example with the company logo, for the products complete the range.

The products from TabLines are characterised by durability and quality. Well-known companies, such as Lindt or Telekom, already rely on the tablet holders from TabLines and have adapted the existing models entirely to their requirements. For example, the tablet holders have been coloured and fitted with note boxes or headphone hangers.

In restaurants, for example, iPads are used as digital menus directly at the table. To prevent the tablets from being stolen or damaged, the robust TSG protective cases are used. At the cash desk of the restaurant, another tablet holder is firmly screwed to the counter and serves as a control terminal for the staff (alternatively mobile tablet stands). TabLines’ battery-operated floor stands are also used as operating terminals in car dealerships. Interested parties can call up data on the respective model directly on the tablet.