TabLines Tablet Wall Mount Magnetic

The practical tablet holder with magnets on the back holds all tablets between 7 and 11 inches in size. Thanks to the clever and simple mounting method, the tablet holder can be easily “glued” to metal surfaces. Fridge, metal door frame or magnetic pin board, simply hold the holder and the tablet will be held in the desired place. If the holder with the tablet is to be moved to a different location, it can be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue.

Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablets of the appropriate size can be quickly inserted between the fixed and flexible mounting rails and are immediately safely stowed away. All other tablets with a size of 7-11 inches fit into the holder just as well. The magnetic holder is made of robust plastic and is kept in a subtle gray and white. A pen tray is integrated into the lower, fixed rail, so that, for example, an iPad on the refrigerator with an Apple Pencil can be used as a note, from which you can even place orders.

Alternative wall mounting

Instead of simply attaching the magnetic tablet holder to metal, it is possible to mount the TabLines TWM tablet wall holder magnet directly on the wall with screws. As with magnetic mounting, the mounting direction is fixed, but the tablet can be clamped between the mounting rails in portrait or landscape format.

More tablet wall mounts

The TabLines tablet wall mounts are available in many different models. The TabLines TWP scores with an integrated charging function and quick tablet removal, the TabLines TWC tablet wall mount has a 360° rotating function, the TabLines TWH design tablet wall mount is a mount for tablets in landscape format, which accommodates the user at a comfortable angle and is the classic the TabLines TWH offers a magnetic frame cover that guarantees quick insertion and removal. TabLines wall mounts are available for almost every tablet on the market and mounts are always being added for the latest models.

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