TabLines TBS Tablet floor stand lite

TabLines TBS lite

The TBS tablet stand lite from TabLines is characterized by a puristic design, which can be pimped with decorative strips. An optional protective case is attached to the iPad stand, in which the tablet is placed theft-proof and protected from vandalism. The tablet floor stand is therefore ideal for public areas and is used in museums, in front of clubs or in hotels. The base plate can be provided with mounting holes for a secure stand, so that screwing to the floor is possible.

Customization of the tablet floor stand TBS lite

The tablet floor stand TBS lite allows many forms of customization. The floor stand can be colored in any RAL color and provided with a high-quality powder coating. The floor stand can also be provided with a sticker (for example with logo or lettering) or with a magnetic foil. The magnetic foil has the advantage that it can be replaced seasonally, for example. The tablet protective case, which must be purchased, can be in a different color than the stand and can also be adapted to the requirements. The iPad floor stand becomes even more of an eye-catcher with different colored trims and the base plate can be provided with holes on request so that the tablet holder is firmly screwed to the floor (protection against theft).

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