TWE tablet wall installation home button accessible

  • Mounting

    Wall recessed mounting, theft-proof on request

  • Variants

    With and without home button
    Theft-proof variant

TabLines TWE tablet wall installation with accessible home button

Large selection of colors . The TWE tablet recessed wall housings are made in black, white, silver and stainless steel. Almost any RAL color can be selected and, on request, achieved as a custom-made product through powder coating. Manufactures from special materials such as wood, e.g. Oak.

Low installation height . The frame of the TWE Tablet wall installation has an installation height of only 1 mm for a flush wall finish.

Easy installation . The installation of the TabLines TWE is clean and easy, regardless of whether it is flush-mounted or lightweight walls (brackets for this are included in the scope of delivery).

Large range of functions . The tablets, which are mounted in TabLines TWE wall mounting brackets, retain their unlimited range of functions, can still be used for all WLan-based applications and radio-controlled applications in the field of home and media technology and continue to function as universal touchscreen monitors.

Accessible home button . A recess is provided for the models with an accessible home button, models with an on-screen home button can use the TabLines TWE tablet wall mounting brackets without access to the home button.

It is not for nothing that the TabLines TWE wall mounting brackets were awarded the Innovation Prize in 2018.

Theft-proof tablet wall mounting bracket

The theft-proof (DS) TWE is a robust steel frame for the tablet installation in the wall. The cover has a powder coating. With this mounting frame, the tablet’s home button is either covered and protected against unauthorized use, or remains accessible for full functionality. In addition, the TWE is secured against theft by a security screw. The TabLines tablet wall installation impresses with its minimalist design, a high-quality surface and proven functionality.


  • Large selection of colors, stainless steel, white, black, silver
  • Custom-made products in many RAL colors or special materials possible
  • High quality powder coating
  • Construction height of the frame: 1 mm
  • Tablet installation in portrait or landscape format possible with the optional conversion kit (not included)
  • On-screen home button accessible
  • Can be used for all WLAN-based applications
  • Radio-controlled applications in the field of house and media technology
  • Unlimited functionality
  • Can be used as a universal touchscreen monitor
  • Easy installation for concealed and lightweight walls
  • Optional integrated power supply


Optional accessories

Find the right dealer and / or online shop for TabLines products near you! We are happy to advise you by phone!

Compatibility of the TabLines TWE without home button with the following tablets:

The TabLines TWE tablet wall mount can be used for any tablet available on the market, such as Microsoft Surface, Lenovo (…)!

The following variants are in stock and can be called up at any time:

Tablet manufacturerModel numberEANColourTheft-proof
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026B4260372453514blackYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026S4260372453576silverYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026W4260372453590whiteYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026E4260372453538Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026O4260372453552OakYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE040B4260218667815blackoptional
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE040E4260218667839Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE040S4260218667808silveroptional
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE040W4260218667822whiteoptional
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025B4260372453415blackYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025S4260372453477silverYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025W4260372453491whiteYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025E4260372453439Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025O4260372453453OakYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE018B4260372457390blackoptional
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE018E4260372457376Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE018S4260372457383silveroptional
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE018W4260372457406
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027B4260372453613blackYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027S4260372453675silverYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027W4260372453699
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027E4260372453637Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027O4260372453651OakYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE050B4260218667778blackoptional
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE050E4260218667792Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE050S4260218667761silveroptional
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE050W4260218667761whiteoptional
Apple iPad 5TWE035B4260516891271blackoptional
Apple iPad 5TWE035E4260516891288Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad 5TWE035O4260516891295Oakoptional
Apple iPad 5TWE035S4260516891301silveroptional
Apple iPad 5TWE035W4260516891318whiteoptional
Apple iPad 6TWE063B4260516898898blackoptional
Apple iPad 6TWE063E4260516898904Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad 6TWE063O4260516898911Oakoptional
Apple iPad 6TWE063S4260516898928silveroptional
Apple iPad 6TWE063W4260516898935whiteoptional
Apple iPad 10.2 (7./8./9. Gen.)TWE089B4260596528425blackoptional
Apple iPad 10.2 (7./8./9. Gen.)TWE089S4260596528456silveroptional
Apple iPad 10.2 (7./8./9. Gen.)TWE089W4260596528463whiteoptional
Apple iPad 10.2 (7./8./9. Gen.)TWE089E4260596528432Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad 10.2 (7./8./9. Gen.)TWE089O4260596528449Oakoptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022B4260372453101blackoptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022S4260372453163silverYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022W4260372453187whiteYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022E4260372453125Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022O4260372453149
Apple iPad Air 1TWE051B4260218667570blackoptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE051E4260218667594Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE051O4260372450100Oakoptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE051S4260218667563silveroptional
Apple iPad Air 1TWE051W4260218667587whiteoptional
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023B4260372453217blackYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023S4260372453279silverYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023W4260372453293whiteYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023E4260372453231Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023O4260372453255
Apple iPad Air 2TWE054B4260218669864blackoptional
Apple iPad Air 2TWE054E4260218669857Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Air 2TWE054O4260372450124Oakoptional
Apple iPad Air 2TWE054S4260218669871silveroptional
Apple iPad Air 2TWE054W4260218669888whiteoptional
Apple iPad Air 3TWE074B4260596525806blackoptional
Apple iPad Air 3TWE074E4260596525837Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Air 3TWE074O4260596525844Oakoptional
Apple iPad Air 3TWE074S4260596525813silveroptional
Apple iPad Air 3TWE074W4260596525820whiteoptional
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024B4260372453316blackYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024S4260372453378silverYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024W4260372453392
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024E4260372453330Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024O4260372453354OakYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE045B4260372455495blackoptional
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE045E4260372455464Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE045O4260372455464Oakoptional
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE045S4260372455471silveroptional
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE045W4260372455488whiteoptional
Apple iPad Pro 10.5TWE058B4260516892810blackoptional
Apple iPad Pro 10.5TWE058E4260516892827Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Pro 10.5TWE058O4260516892834Oakoptional
Apple iPad Pro 10.5TWE058S4260516892841silveroptional
Apple iPad Pro 10.5TWE058S4260516892858whiteoptional
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE043B4260372455891blackYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE043B4260372455891
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE043S4260372455907whiteYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE043W4260372455914Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE031B4260372450353blackoptional
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE031E4260372450384Stainless steeloptional
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE031S4260372450360silveroptional
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (1./2.Gen.)TWE031W4260372450377whiteoptional
Tablet manufacturerModel numberEANColourTheft-proof
Samsung Tab 3 10.1TWE005B4260218669611blackNo
Samsung Tab 3 10.1TWE005E4260218669604Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab 3 10.1TWE005S4260218669628silverNo
Samsung Tab 3 10.1TWE005W4260218669635whiteNo
Samsung Tab 4 10.1TWE006B4260218669659blackNo
Samsung Tab 4 10.1TWE006E4260218669642Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab 4 10.1TWE006S4260218669666silverNo
Samsung Tab 4 10.1TWE006W4260218669673whiteNo
Samsung Tab E 9.6TWE028B4260372450155blackNo
Samsung Tab E 9.6TWE028E4260372450186Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab E 9.6TWE028S4260372450162silverNo
Samsung Tab E 9.6TWE028W4260372450179whiteNo
Samsung Tab E 9.6TWE028O4260372456102OakNo
Samsung Tab A 9.7TWE009B4260372459462blackNo
Samsung Tab A 9.7TWE009E4260372459431Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab A 9.7TWE009S4260372459448silverNo
Samsung Tab A 9.7TWE009W4260372459455whiteNo
Samsung Tab A 9.7TWE009O4260372456089OakNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016)TWE049B4260372452920blackNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016)TWE049E4260372452937Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016)TWE049S4260372452951silverNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016)TWE049W4260372452968whiteNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016)TWE049O4260372452944OakNo
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWE080B4260596525066blackJa
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWE080E4260596525073Stainless steelJa
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWE080S4260596525097silverJa
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWE080W4260596525103whiteJa
Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWE080O4260596525080OakJa
Samsung Tab S2 9.7TWE017B4260372457482blackNo
Samsung Tab S2 9.7TWE017E4260372457451Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab S2 9.7TWE017S4260372457468silverNo
Samsung Tab S2 9.7TWE017W4260372457475whiteNo
Samsung Tab S2 9.7TWE017O4260372450148OakNo
Samsung Tab S3 9.7TWE039B4260516891684blackNo
Samsung Tab S3 9.7TWE039E4260516891691Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab S3 9.7TWE039S4260516891714silverNo
Samsung Tab S3 9.7TWE039W4260516891721whiteNo
Samsung Tab S3 9.7TWE039O4260516891707OakNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE085B4260596527510blackNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE085E4260596527541Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE085S4260596527534silverNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE085W4260596527527whiteNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE085O4260596527558OakNo
Samsung Tab S5eTWE086B4260596527596blackJa
Samsung Tab S5eTWE086E4260596527626Stainless steelJa
Samsung Tab S5eTWE086S4260596527619silverJa
Samsung Tab S5eTWE086W4260596527602whiteJa
Samsung Tab S5eTWE086O4260596527633OakJa
Samsung Tab Pro 12.2TWE007B4260372459684blackNo
Samsung Tab Pro 12.2TWE007E4260372459677Stainless steelNo
Samsung Tab Pro 12.2TWE007S4260372459691silverNo
Samsung Tab Pro 12.2TWE007W4260372459707whiteNo