Tablet floor stand TBS by TabLines, tiltable

TabLines TBS Stand – Tiltable Tablet Floor Stands

Optimised for public use. The practical tilting TabLines TBS tablet floor stand is made of steel and correspondingly robust. The extra wide base plate provides a solid and secure stand. Due to its light weight, the tablet stand can be positioned quickly and easily anywhere. If you prefer a specific, fixed location, the base plate can be supplied with mounting holes.

Can be used in all areas. The TabLines Tablet Floor Stand TBS can be used as a customer stopper / touch monitor in airports as a check-in terminal, as an interactive source of information in showrooms such as car dealerships, furniture shops, galleries or museums, in shopping centres, at trade fairs or in offices. Thanks to the tilt function, the tablet can be optimally aligned (tilted) in the TSG protective housing.

The right variant for everyone. For a completely tiltable tablet holder, a TSG protective housing must be ordered in addition to the TBS floor stand. The TabLines TSG protective housings are available in various colours and materials to fit tablets for the Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab (universal TabLines TBS tablet stand). The TSG protective case is attached to the tiltable VESA mount of the TBS floor stand. Put together your own individual tablet floor stand.


  • Height 1034 mm to tilt joint
  • 180° joint with locking screw
  • 200 x 300 mm base plate
  • 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 VESA adapter plate
  • Mounting in portrait and landscape format


Required accessories

TabLines TSG protective housing

  • Easy to attach to TBS floor stand
  • Custom-fit / model-specific protective cases for tablets (e.g. Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos, Windows Tab, etc.)
  • Protective cases in various materials and colours
  • TSG can be mounted in both portrait and landscape format


  • TabLines TWT advertising board (silver)
  • TabLines TPK transport case for various tablet sizes. Tablet sizes
  • TabLines TPK transport case with wheels
  • TecLines USB cable (2-5m; colours: black, white)
  • TabLines Headphone tray

TBS Tablet Stand in combination with the TSG Protective Case & Accessories

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Models of the TBS tablet stand with tilt module

Model NumberEANRequired accessoriesColour
TBS0044260218665248TSG protective housingSilver
Your individual TabLines TSG protective housing

We offer flexible / individual custom-made products in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your tablet protective case according to your ideas (special materials, special colours) Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail!