Tablet wall mount and charging station

  • Mounting

    Wall mount
    Attaches to the wall with two screws.

  • Features

    Charging function

Tablet wall mount and charging station

The TabLines TWP wall mount and charging station is made to fit the tablet exactly, making it appear to float on the wall. The tablet can be removed from or inserted into the holder with just one hand. Power is supplied via the tablet’s charging cable or optionally via a flush-mounted power supply (please ask us which flush-mounted power supply is suitable for your tablet). The cables are routed through a cutout on the back of the mount.

Tablet as smart home control center

The TabLines TWP Tablet Wall Mount Plug is perfect for using your tablet as a smart home control center for controlling lighting scenes, speakers, shutters, etc. Mounted in a central location (living room, hallway), the mount also acts as a charging station and powers the tablet. This provides an always-charged tablet and eliminates the need for charging cables lying around. Or mount the wall mount in the kitchen, use the tablet as a recipe archive or list manager and keep your hands free for cooking or stocking supplies.


  • Color: silver RAL 9006, or white RAL 9016, or black RAL 9005
  • Tablet mounting in portrait or landscape format
  • Wall mount surface
  • Material: Aluminum
  • High quality powder coating
  • Home button accessible
  • Front camera accessible
  • Can be used for all WLAN-based applications
  • Perfect for SmartHome control
  • Unlimited functionality of the tablet
  • Optional: flush-mounted power supply unit as power supply
  • Tablet not included in delivery
  • Special designs possible



Installation of a flush-mounted power supply (e.g. TecLines TNT001). The cables, respectively connections find place in a recess on the back of the TabLines TWP Tablet Wall Mount Plug.

TWP Tablet Wallmount Plug Models

Models iPad Wall Mount

Tablet HerstellerModellnummerEANFarbe
Apple iPad 10.2 (7. / 8. Gen.)TWP004W4260661465648white
Apple iPad 10.2 (7. / 8. Gen.)TWP004S4260661465662silver
Apple iPad 10.2 (7. / 8. Gen.)TWP004B4260661465655black
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWP003W4260661465266white
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWP003S4260661465259silver
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWP003B4260661465242black
Apple iPad Air 4, 10.9 (2020)TWP005W4260661466348white
Apple iPad Air 4, 10.9 (2020)TWP005S4260661466331silver
Apple iPad Air 4, 10.9 (2020)TWP005B4260661466324black
Apple iPad 12.9 (3. / 4. Gen.)TWP006W4260661466379white
Apple iPad 12.9 (3. / 4. Gen.)TWP006S4260661466362silver
Apple iPad 12.9 (3. / 4. Gen.)TWP006B4260661466355black

Models Samsung Tablet Wall Mount

Tablet HerstellerModellnummerEANFarbe
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWP002W4260661465235white
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWP002S4260661465228silver
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)TWP002B4260661465211black
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020)TWP001W4260661465204white
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020)TWP001S4260661465198silver
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020)TWP001B4260661465181black
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP007W4260661466409white
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP007S4260661466393silver
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP007B4260661466386black
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP008W4260661467062white
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP008S4260661467055silver
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11.0TWP008B4260661467048black

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Custom TabLines TWP Tablet Wall Mount Plug

We offer flexible / individual special designs in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your tablet wall mount according to your ideas (special materials, special colors) Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail!