TabLines TWE Tablet Wall Mount with Home Button

  • Mounting

    Wall mounting, theft-proof on request

  • Variants

    With and without home button
    Theft-proof variant

TabLines TWE Tablet Wall Mount with Reachable Home Button

Wide choice of colours. The TWE tablet wall-mounted enclosures are manufactured in black, white, silver and stainless steel. Almost any RAL colour can be selected and, if desired, customised by powder coating. Special materials such as wood, e.g. oak, are also available.

Low installation height. The frame of the TWE tablet wall unit has an installation height of only 1 mm for flush wall closure.

Easy installation. The installation of the TabLines TWE is clean and simple, regardless of whether it is flush-mounted or in lightweight walls (brackets for this are included in the scope of delivery).

Wide range of functions. Tablets mounted in TabLines TWE wall mounts retain their full range of functions, can still be used for all WLan-based applications and radio-controlled applications in the field of home and media technology, and continue to function as universal touchscreen displays.

Accessible home button. A cut-out is provided for the models with a home button, models with an on-screen home button can use the TabLines TWE tablet wall mounts without home button access.

It is not without reason that the TabLines TWE wall mounts were awarded the innovation prize in 2018.

Theft-proof Tablet Wall Mount

The theft-proof (DS) TWE is a robust steel frame for tablet installation in the wall. The cover has a powder coating. With this mounting frame, the tablet’s home button is either covered and protected from unauthorised operation, or remains accessible for full functionality.  In addition, the TWE is secured against theft by a security screw. The TabLines tablet wall installation impresses with its minimalist design, high-quality surface and proven functionality.


  • Wide range of colours, stainless steel, white, black, silver
  • Special designs in many RAL colours or special materials possible
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Frame height: 1 mm
  • Tablet installation possible in portrait or landscape format with optional conversion kit (not included)
  • On-screen home button accessible
  • Can be used for all WLAN-based applications
  • Radio-controlled applications in the field of home and media technology
  • Unlimited range of functions
  • Can be used as a universal touchscreen monitor
  • Simple installation for flush-mounted and lightweight walls
  • Optional integrated power supply


Optional accessories


  • TabLines TWE Conversion Set Portrait / Landscape Fixation for iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • TabLines USB4-C 4-way USB charger with 1m Euro plug to double socket
  • TabLines TNT001 Wall mounted USB power supply for tablets

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Compatibility of the TabLines TWE with home button with the following tablets:

The TabLines TWE tablet wall mount can be used for any tablet available on the market, such as Microsoft Surface, Lenovo (…)!

The following variants are in stock and can be called up at any time:

Tablet ManufacturerModel NumberEANColourTheft-proof
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026B4260372453514BlackYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026S4260372453576SilverYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026W4260372453590WhiteYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026E4260372453538Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Mini 1,2,3TWE026O4260372453552OakYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025B4260372453415BlackYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025S4260372453477SilverYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025W4260372453491WhiteYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025E4260372453439Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Mini 4,5TWE025O4260372453453OakYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027B4260372453613BlackYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027S4260372453675SilverYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027W4260372453699
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027E4260372453637Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad 2,3,4TWE027O4260372453651OakYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022B4260372453101BlackYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022S4260372453163SilverYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022W4260372453187WhiteYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022E4260372453125Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Air 1TWE022O4260372453149
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023B4260372453217BlackYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023S4260372453279SilverYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023W4260372453293WhiteYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023E4260372453231Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Air 2TWE023O4260372453255
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024B4260372453316BlackYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024S4260372453378SilverYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024W4260372453392
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024E4260372453330Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Pro 9.7TWE024O4260372453354OakYes
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWE070B4260596522829BlackYes
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWE070S4260596522836SilverYes
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWE070W4260596522843WhiteYes
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWE070E4260596522850Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Pro 11.0TWE070O4260596522867OakYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (2015)TWE043B4260372455891BlackYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (2015)TWE043B4260372455891
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (2015)TWE043S4260372455907WhiteYes
Apple iPad Pro12.9 (2015)TWE043W4260372455914Stainless steelYes
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4.Gen.)TWE072B4260596522928BlackYes
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4.Gen.)TWE072S4260596522935SilverYes
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4.Gen.)TWE072W4260596522942WhiteYes
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4.Gen.)TWE072E4260596522959Stainless steelYes