TabLines Design TBS Tablet Stand, landscape without battery

Design TabLines TBS Tablet Floor Stand, landscape format

Elegant design. The TabLines tablet floor stand presents the tablet in a very elegant way. Due to its low weight, the tablet stand can be easily positioned anywhere. Clean lines, a discreet but present look and a high-quality powder coating make the tablet stand an asset to any place where content is to be presented.

Optimised for public use. The TabLines TBS Design floor stand is insensitive to signs of use of any kind and is made of solid steel. It has a white, silk-matt front, manufactured as a plastic coating. The back of the TabLines Tablet Stele is black, powder-coated and micro-textured. A visually convincing and durable product.

Can be used in all areas. With the TabLines Tablet Stand TBS, the tablet becomes an integrated, customised design touch monitor in meeting and conference rooms as a room booking system, at airports as a check-in terminal, as an interactive source of information in showrooms such as car dealerships, furniture shops, galleries, museums, shopping centres and much more.

The right variant for everyone. The TabLines TBS Design floor stand in landscape format is available with or without a 26,000 mAh power bank for almost all tablet models (such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab) and is ideal for public spaces. The battery extends the operating time of the tablet by up to eight hours.



  • Large choice of colours: Stainless steel, white, black, silver
  • Tablet is used in portrait format
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Can be used for all WLAN-based tablet applications
  • Radio-controlled applications in the field of home and media technology
  • Unlimited range of functions
  • Can be used as a universal touchscreen monitor
  • Cable routing in the column or housing
  • Simple installation
  • Available with or without lithium-polymer battery (power bank)


  • TabLines USB4-C 4-port USB charger with 1m Euro mains cable, black
  • TabLines TPK transport case for various tablet sizes. Tablet sizes
  • TabLines TPK transport case with wheels
  • Magnetic sticker with imprint of your choice (company logo, services, etc.)
  • TecLines USB cable (2-5m; colours: black, white)
  • TabLines headphone tray

Photos of the tablet stand in use, custom-made products & accessories

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Tablet Floor Stands – TBS Design Models without Battery

ModellnummerEANGeeignet für
TBS0204260372459585Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
TBS0224260372457031Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7
TBS0234260372457048Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
TBS0294260372452128Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
TBS0304260372459608Apple iPad Air 1
TBS0314260372459615Apple iPad Air 2
TBS0394260372455242Apple iPad Pro 9.7
TBS0424260372451169Apple iPad Pro 12.9
TBS0494260516891189Apple iPad 5 (2017)
TBS0534260516891585Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
TBS0564260516892605Apple iPad Pro 10.5
TBS0584260516893589Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
TBS0624260516898737Apple iPad 9.7 (2018)
TBS0664260596520887Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
TBS0694260596521990Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5″
TBS0724260596523154Apple iPad Pro 11.0
TBS0754260596523185Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4. Gen.)
TBS0784260596525905Apple iPad Air 10.5 (3. Gen.)
TBS0844260596525165Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
TBS0874260596528333 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
TBS0904260596528364Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
TBS0934260596528395Apple iPad 10.2 (7. Gen.)

Tablet Floor Stands – TBS Design Models with Rechargeable Battery

ModellnummerEANGeeignet für
TBS0284260372456140 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
TBS0354260372456164Apple iPad Air 1
TBS0374260372456188Apple iPad Air 2
TBS0404260372455259Apple iPad Pro 9.7
TBS0434260372451176Apple iPad Pro 12.9
TBS0464260516891158Apple iPad 5 (2017)
TBS0504260516891554Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
TBS0544260516892582Apple iPad Pro 10.5
TBS0604260516893602Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
TBS0644260516898751Apple iPad 9.7 (2018)
TBS0684260596520900Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
TBS0714260596522010Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5″
TBS0744260596523178Apple iPad Pro 11.0
TBS0774260596523208Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3./4. Gen.)
TBS0804260596525929Apple iPad Air 10.5 (3. Gen.)
TBS0864260596525189Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
TBS0894260596528357Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
TBS0924260596528388Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
TBS0954260596528418Apple iPad 10.2 (7. Gen.)
Your individual TabLines TSG protective housing

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